# Learning

1000 euro per year for learning. This may be spendings on any courses which can be useful for work, English language lessons. The table with total spendings. (opens new window)

In case you want to buy any book write Artur about this.

# English

You are free to choose any educational platform.

# egghead.io courses

You can pull up your knowledge of JS, ReactJS framework and different libraries, e.g. Redux.

https://egghead.io (opens new window)

# Kubernetes Certification

You can get certification in the following areas:

# Guidelines for passing CKA and CKAD exams


During the exam:

  • After completing the task, double-check the results.
  • Create an alias alias k=kubectl - the one is enough.
  • Do all the simple tasks first. Skip the complicated ones and write down their numbers in the built-in notebook.

# E-books

You can get any books from these stores:

Just send Artur the link to the book.

# Attending conferences and meetups

We pay the cost of participation in the conference. Optionally, we can purchase a T-shirt with Apliteni or Keitaro logos for you.

# Recommendations for speakers

  • Use good quality microphone and camera.
  • Prepare slides and save them to a shared folder on GoogleDrive. This will help to receive feedback from your colleagues and correct typos and inaccuracies. Try to prepare this presentation some days before the webinar date.
  • Google Slides should be enough for making the presentation. To highlight the syntaxis use SlidesCodeHighlighter (opens new window).
  • Begin the webinar 5 minutes before the start time, check the sound and video.
  • Photos.app (opens new window) app is enough to edit the video on macOS.