# CS-Team

# Matrix of competencies

Competency Intermediate Advanced Seniour
Customer service Understands the client’s pain and tries to give more than the client asks. Knows how to work with proposals and wishes of clients. Has a notion on services in Integration tab Understands how clients use the product. Able to find his own solution for custom users cases. Able to represent the company to partners. Can resolve complex and difficult user cases, find alternative and simpler solutions. This person is able to represent the company at public and private events.
Teamwork Takes part in group calls, shares his feedback. Helps his team. Directs a colleague to find a problem's solution instead giving of a ready-made answer. Helps the team to improve customer service. Indicates points that require improvement. Controls and updates the priorities of the team. Tries to find ways and means to optimize the work of the team. Thinks in the interests of the company and its employees.
Workflow Creates tasks in Jira and synchronizes workflow between Jira - Slack - Carrot Quest. Create tasks correctly, gives a clear context, coordinates the decision process. Works in conjunction with head of customer-success team. Asks questions about unknown areas of knowledge and makes a plan for further training of the product. Composes RFC based on information collected from clients. Finds the main problem of the client. Independently plans its working time. Able to manage his time between active client support and other tasks. Presents RFC, arguing the importance of the impact it will have on business.
Activity Offers ideas for writing articles and improving documentation. Monitors the quality of documentation. Makes timely corrections and verifies its relevance. Takes part in writing technical and educational articles and other educational materials. Takes part in testing the product. Conducts educational webinars for clients and meetups with colleagues. Regularly writes technical texts to blog and documentation. Able to train beginners, creates educational materials and conducts meetups. Offers his ideas on new content and renewal of old. Takes part in the searching new employees and interviews. Monitors that the level of the team constantly increase. Monitors current trends from the area where the product works.
Skills Experienced tracker user. Knows the answers to most customer questions about the function of the tracker version pro, business. Able to connect to the server via terminal and execute basic commands from the documentation. Can describe main cases, which tracker use and describe main functionality of the integration scripts. B1 English level Excellent knowledge of the functionality of the tracker, can solve problems with integration scripts, geo-bases, certificates without the help of colleagues. Has basic terminal skills, basic php, js, and html. Can work with analytics. Understands what the basic business metrics depend on. B2 English level. Well versed in the subtleties of the tracker, all functions including working with Click/Admin API. Can give an advice about custom macros/redirects/actions. Knows the strengths and weaknesses of the product. Able to present product to clients and partners in Russian and English. Able to choose and configure product integration with a new external service. If necessary, he will complete RFC for product development. B2 English level plus ability to give presentations and hold meetings on English.
Transparency Describes his vision in threads on working issues. When issues arise, creates a thread in the thematic channel and discusses it. Gives clear and in time feedback to colleagues and supervisors. Positive feedback via public flow and negative via private flow. Involves in discussions about the company’s Roadmap. Argues his position with different metrics, polls results, and how it will influence the business. Keeps a high level of transparency in the team. Encourages colleagues to give feedback.