# Support tasks

# How to create tasks in Jira

If you understand that the issue can't be solved at the moment, create a task in Jira:

  1. Describe the issue in up to 6 words as the task name.

  2. Fill in Carrotquest URL field.

  3. Write a description

    BACKGROUND Some special settings or user permissions. Maybe specific browser version. Keitaro version, and installation version.

    WTR (way to reproduce)

    1. First step
    2. Second step
    3. ...
    4. An actual result.
    5. What was expected as a result
  4. Add all possible accesses according to the situation, e.g.:

  • if there's something wrong with the tracker - ask for access to the tracker and the server;
  • if the issue is with domains - ask for access to the tracker, to the server, and the domain's registrar;
  • affiliate network issue - access to an affiliate network and to the tracker;
  • WordPress - to the tracker and WP admin.

Keep the customer up to date and inform them in case you get any new info from the assignee.

# How to create SUPPORT task

  • Click "Create" on the navigation bar or enter /jira create in any slack channel.
  • Write an issue summary. Be precise on what's happened.
  • Write a description. Try to describe how to reproduce the problem.
  • Copy CarrotQuest link.
  • Leave Assignee field empty, unless you know who's going to take that task.


Every morning we publish a digest with all open SUPPORT tasks. These tasks have the highest priority.

Last Updated: 10/22/2021, 12:25:34 PM