# Request help from other teams

# Is it a bug?

See Bug Report page.

# How to create a task

  • Choose a space:
    • Tracker - an issue with tracker.
    • Infrastructure - issue in installation or upgrade process.
    • Keitaro.io - issue on the website, docs, or the billing.
  • Choose appropriate list:
    • Add to the current Sprint if issue is either critical or urgent.
    • Add to the next sprint if it can wait until the end of the next week.
    • Add to the Backlog if it's not important.
    • Add to Someday of it's not neither important or urgent.
  • Press + Task.
    • Describe shortly an issue in title (Required).
    • Fill the description (Required).
    • Set the Due Date.
    • Add Dashly link.
    • Add the link to the thread in Slack.
Last Updated: 4/13/2022, 11:53:06 AM