# Hiring process

# Opening a position

  • Create a private channel in Slack and name it #position-{role_name}.
  • Publish position description on https://github.com/apliteni/jobs.

# Referrals

At the beginning of a hiring process, we announce the vacancy and ask about any recommendations from the team.

If you referral candidate passes the interview successfully you'll get a 500 euro bonus after the candidate's successful three months of work in our company.

You can submit a referral to any team, everybody can participate in a program.

If you refer someone as a future employee you must be sure the candidate suits us in terms of professional skills and shares the values of our team.

To take part in the program send Artur the candidate contact and mention that they are your friends.

If during the hiring process we find a candidate ourselves who turns out to be your acquaintance, such a candidate does not participate in the referral program.

# Searching for candidates

  1. We create a vacancy on a special website - LinkedIn, Habr, HH or any other.
  2. We create the list of candidates and send them personal messages inviting them to an interview.
  3. If someone is interested we set the meeting time, create the meeting in zoom, add the meeting Apliteni google calendar.


Tell the candidate and the participants the call is going to be with video.

# Interview guidelines

  • Introduce all participants without roles, only tell about who is doing what.
  • Read the candidate's cv in advance and prepare questions.
  • Ask questions that will help you identify if the person is ready to start working on a projectand if shares our values.
  • If someone on our side is unable to turn on the video, they should name the reason right at the beginning. Otherwise, it can be regarded as disrespect for the candidate.
  • Imagine the candidate works with us for a long time, this will help create an easy atmosphere.
  • Use the list of your questions as topics for communication, do not turn the interview into a survey.
  • Ask about long-term plans, if the person is planning to move, and where. Determine how much this will affect the work with us.
  • Tell about the legal options for employment.
  • For development vacancy it's important to know if the candidate has Linux or Mac laptop.

# Skills assessment test

  • If you are not sure about candidate's skills but they can be a good fit for Apliteni, prepare an assessment test.
  • The test should be as close as possible to the candidate's real tasks in the future, ideally this should be a task from our Backlog.
  • The test is paid according to the candidate's rate.

# Decision-making

  • Now it is important to act quickly. Especially if the person is a Strong Yes. Be sure to inform the candidate about the hiring process stage and how it will take.
  • Check if the person shares our values. If the candidate's values don't coincide with ours then it can be a reason for rejection.
  • Rate how well the candidate fits into the team and whether they add something unique.
  • Evaluate how much the candidate fits the current tasks if they are interested in these tasks.

# Approval

  • Artur makes the final decision. If he wasn't at the interview tell the candidate that there will be one more meeting.
  • Tell the candidate about the decision, preferably by voice or video call.
  • Launch the onboarding process.

# Rejection

  • Describe why this decision was made.
  • The candidate may improve the level and meet our requirements.
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