# Avion

# What is Story Maps Board?

That's the place where we decompose our objectives. Each team has its own board.

That's how does it look:

Objectives → 1. First objective 2. Second objective 3. Objective TODO
Steps → Step 1 Step 2 Step 1 Step 1 TODO
-------------- -------------------- --------------- --------------------- -------------- ------
Tasks → First action First action
Second action Second action
... ... ... ... ...

Each team can have only 3 objectives at the time. Some minor tasks stored in TODO column.

# How we manage it

We use avion.io as a platform to manage all the stories boards.

The flow:

  • Company priorities

  • Squad priorities

  • Keep on track

    • Every Monday each squad has a meeting.
    • When objective is achieved, the squad leader publishes an announcement to #announcements channel.

# How to set up a new board

Create a project in Jira:

  1. Create a project in Jira. Use any of our current projects as the template.

Create a board:

  1. Create a new board. Set the same name as Project in Jira

Add everyone to the board:

  1. Open Members page and add everyone.

Connect with Jira:

  1. Open Integration tab in Avion. Choose Jira.
  2. Use the default settings for mapping schemas.
  3. Choose Sign in and use our bot@ account for Jira.
  4. Enable Import using SQL, and add status not in(done, cancelled, closed).

Test it:

  1. Create a journey (Epic), a step and a card.
  2. Push the card to Jira.
  3. Close the card, make sure the status is changed on the board too.


# What if there are more than 3 priorities

In that case, team must choose the top 3, and postpone the others to the next iteration.

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