# Roadmap

# Location

https://apliteni.avion.io/map/A6nKWz8Tjt9hntJx2 (opens new window).

# Structucture

Product Company [Archive]
Objective 1 Objective 2 Objective 3 Objective 1 Objective 1 [Archive]
------------- ------------------ -------------- -------------- ------------------ -------------- -----------
DONE 2021 Key result 1 Key result 1 Key result 1 Key result 1 Key result 1
NOW Key result 1 Key result 1 Key result 1 Key result 1 Key result 1
UNSHEDULED Key result 2 Key result 2
  • Objectives. Where we must be.
  • Key results or KRs. How we know that we're there.

We use tags to assign KRs to the teams.


Each team can only be assigned to maximum Three key results.

# Sections

  • DONE for hiding finished results.
  • NOW what we're focus on.
  • UNSCHEDULED what we next.

# Achieving KRs

  1. The team defines KRs as team objectives on [their board]](/how-we-work/avion.md).
  2. When team achive the KRs, they do
    • (Optional) meetup to demonstrate the achivement.
    • Team leader tells everyone about it in #announcements channel.
    • Team leader changes status of the KR to Done.

# Roadmap meeting

  • When: The first and third Tuesdays.
  • Why: We appreciate teams' achivements, refine our objectives and refresh KRs.
  • Who: The team leaders. Everyone else can participate if they have time and willingness.

Core agenda:

  1. Each team leader presents what KRs are achieved and what progress was made on that in progress. Mention what KRs they have as objectives.
  2. @inbound-team makes a small presentation (can be verbally) on the market.
  3. @cs-team makes a small presentation (can be verbally) about the customer satisfaction and main issues.
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