# Story Maps

# What is Story Map?

Story maps is a board where defining how something could be achieved. The smallest element of Story Map is a Story.

# How we use Story Maps?

Each team takes Key Results from OKRs and defines smaller steps in how to achieve them.

Elements of a Story Map:

  • Journey (or Key Result). They go from OKRs.
  • Steps. What steps we must complete to deliver required result.
  • Stories. Small stories that describe each step more detailed.

# From a Team perspective

Each team has its own Story Map Board. On the top, there are Key Results from OKRs.

Workflow to manage the Story Map Board:

  • As a team leader, walk through the Key Results on the board.
  • Describe the steps that needed to achieve each Key Result.
  • Create Stories for each step.

That's it. Story map is ready for your team.

# From a team member perspective

  • Team priorities go from left to right.
  • Each team can have its own rules on who assigns Stories. Usually, when a team member is ready to take a new task, he or she just pushes Story to Jira board and start working on it.