# Story Maps Boards

# What is Story Maps Board?

That's the place where we decompose our objectives. Each team has it's own board.

That's how does it look:

| Objectives → | 1. First objective | | 2. Second objective | 3. Objective | TODO |

Steps → Step 1 Step 2 Step 1 Step 1 TODO
Tasks → First action First action
Second action Second action
... ... ... ... ...

Each team can have only 3 objectives at the time. Some minor tasks stored in TODO column.

# How we manage it

We use avion.io for managing our boards.


  • Company proirities
  • Team priorities
    • Team leaders or e-team members set 3 main objectives or proirities for them. There must be 3 columns: 1. First objective | 2. Second objective | 3. Third objective.
  • Team members priorities
    • Team leaders decompose each objective into deliverable steps.
  • Keeping up to date
    • Every Monday each team has "Warmup" meeting, where they moving through the board and decided what will they do on the week.
    • When objective is achived, the team publishes a small summary into #announcements channel. They may also perform a Demo if they think the change is significant for others.


# What if there are more than 3 proirities

In that case, team must choose the top 3, and postpone the others to the next iteration.