# Work schedule

Working days are from Monday to Friday. The support team has a duty schedule on weekends.

# Work hours

  • There are 8 daily working hours, a total of 40 hours per week. Everyone chooses the work schedule for themselves, with the exception of technical support. CS-team works according to the agreed schedule.
  • If you work together with a colleague, or you know that your help may be needed, let everyone know in Slack in #workspace that you need to leave. If known, indicate the approximate time of absence, for example: Отойду на 40 минут.
  • If you are arranging an appointment or call, add an event to your work calendar and invite all the participants.
  • At the beginning of the working day, greet your colleagues in Slack, this will mean that you are available at work, you can be reached out.

# Request time off or vacation

There's no limit for time offs, take as many as you need.

For long-time leaving please follow the following agreements:

  • All the opened tasks must be closed or distrubuted to your peers.
  • Try to avoid taking a leaving on the same dates, as your peers already taken. That's more related to @cs-team.
  • Make sure your team doesn't rely on your on these dates. For example, if a big release is scheduled on these dates and you were involved in developing a core feature in it.

How to request:

  • Type /vacation in Slack.
  • Press Request leave and follow the instructions.


December 31 and January 1 are our traditional days off. There is no need to ask for a leave on these days.

# How to add an event to the calendar

  1. Select the required date and time and click on the required cell (opens new window).
  2. Click More options in the appeared window (opens new window).
  3. A full menu for creating an event will open (opens new window).
  4. Put the name (1), the date (2), time (3), timezone (4).
  5. Add a zoom link to "Location"(5) field if there's such a link.
  6. Select Apliteni calandar (6).
  7. Add the description(7) if you have one.
  8. Do not add participants(8). The event added to Apliteni calendar will be visible for everyone. If you add the participants the event will be duplicated both in Apliteni and personal calendars.
  9. Click Save.
  10. You will be asked whether you want to send invitations to the participats' emails, it's up to you to decide. But the reminder is never superfluous.

If you are creating an event for someone but adding it to your calendar, opt-in to Modify event on the Guest permission settings.

# Recommendations for remote work

  • Take care of your working environment:
    • Quiet separate room at home or a coworking.
    • Stable internet with low latency is a must.
    • Stable table and chair. Rotating chairs cause lower back fatigue.
    • High-quality microphone and camera.
  • Follow asynchronous communication ideas.
  • Take regular breaks:
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