# How to use the handbook

# Why we write this handbook

It is extremely important for a remote team to share knowledge and information quickly and efficiently.

# How to make changes

# Editing with GitLab

Every page has an edit link at the bottom. The link leads to GitLab where edits can be made right in the interface. It's better to download the repository copy to your account and push changes as Merge Requests (MRs).

# Editing with the local repository

  1. Clone the repository with the project.
  2. Download the updates with git pull.
  3. Create a branch with git checkout -b update-some-page.
  4. Make edits.
  5. Make a commit with git commit -a -m "update some page".
  6. Send to GitLab git push origin update-some-page.
  7. Create a Merge Request.

# Formatting

Use Markdown (opens new window) for formatting.

# Formatting guidelines

If there are more than four headings on the page, add a content block. To do this insert [[toc]] macros at the beginning of the page.

# Main heading

# Style guidelines

  • Avoid corporate language. Imagine writing to a friend.
  • Explain with examples.