# Our mission and values

# Mission

Apliteni has a mission to provide workplace for people who eager to discover and growth personally.

# Values

# Efficiency

  • We prefer asynchronous communication.
    • We don't expect immediate answer.
    • We use online meetings as a last resort.
    • We defend everyone's right for uninterrupted, deep work.
  • You have the right to make any decisions yourself if you've considered several points:
    • You asked the affected persons, i.e collegues, your team leader, product owner and maybe customers.
    • You're keeping the decision making process absolutely transparent for everyone.
    • You're acting in Apliteni's best interests.
  • We appreciate the results. We don’t tell when and how much to work.
  • Iterations
    • We split complex goals to small deliverable steps.
    • We start with RFC.
    • We prefer small merge requests.
    • Everything is in draft. Everithing is a subject for change.
  • We have a no-ask policy which means we encourage everyone to be a manager of one. That includes taking care of themselves and making sure they are taking enough time off to recharge properly.

# Transparency

  • We use this handbook to show how our company works from the inside.
  • We keep information inside the company
    • Company Roadmap in Avion.
    • Teams’ Avion boards.
    • Jira board.
    • Previous RFCs
    • Company's financial reports on our Google Drive monthly.
  • We prefer open Slack channels. Private channels are only for personal communication.
  • We regularly give both positive feedback and negative feedback or regular basis.
  • We frankly criticize, if we disagree, but we criticize correctly.
  • We describe our advantages and weaknesses publicly:

# Collaboration

  • We are kind and polite to our colleagues and to our customers, we are thanking for the help.
  • We prioritize helping colleagues who are blocked.
  • We performs demo-days to share knowledge inside our company.
  • We treat code review is an opportunity to share our experience.
  • We show empthy to our customers.

# Curiosity

  • We dig into root cause of customer issues
    • How will the customer benefit from this?
      • What are customer's goals?
      • Do we understand everything? Is there anything we need to clarify and research?
    • We master our tools, i.e. programming languages, DataBases, Terminal, Pipelines, IDE.

# Blameless

  • Assume people are doing their best they can with the information they have.
  • We focus on the system, rather than the person.
  • We dig deeper into what caused the problem, i.e. apply 5 Whys technique.
  • We recognize unconscious biasses.
  • We writes blameless post-mortems in outages.

# How we compete

We don't care about our market share. The only two things are important for us:

  • We have enough customers paying us enough money to cover our costs and generate a profit.
  • Is number of customers and profits increasing every year.

# What influenced us

# Books

  • "No Rules Rules: Netflix and the Culture of Reinvention" by Reed Hasting w/ Erin Meyer.
  • "Multipliers: How the Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter" by Liz Wiseman and Greg McKeown.

# Companies

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