# Contributor Guide

# Should I publish here or on our internal wiki?

Some information cannot be published publicly, use the following framework to choose where to leave information.

# Content

  • Write in plain English. Avoid complex phrases and words.
  • Use grammarly to check the grammar and sentence complexity.
  • Explain with examples.

# How to make changes?

  • Use Gitlab Web IDE to make changes in browser.
  • Make major changes through Merge Requests.
  • Tell everyone about changes in #announcement channel.

# How to make changes locally?

  1. Clone the repository with the project.
  2. Download the updates with git pull.
  3. Create a branch with git checkout -b update-some-page.
  4. Make edits.
  5. Make a commit with git commit -a -m "update some page".
  6. Send to GitLab git push origin update-some-page.
  7. Create a Merge Request.

# Formatting

Use Markdown (opens new window) for formatting.

# Table of contents

If there are more than four headings on the page, add a content block. To do this, insert [[toc]] macros at the beginning of the page.

# Main heading


# Quality

  • Use Chat GPT for proofreading. Use the following prompt:
Translate and proofread the following text, and provide the corrected version in markdown format:

# Diagrams

Open mermaid live editor (opens new window), change the chart and copy here the new one.

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