# RFCs

Request for changes (RFCs) is a small document that describes * what * needs to be changed and * why *.

# Benefits of RFC

  • Helps to understand how important the change is and what its consequences are.
  • It helps to draw up a rough development plan and identify controversial points.
  • Get feedback from everyone who is interested or affected by the change.
  • Additional documentation that might be useful to someone in the future.

# How to create RFC

  1. Create a docs/rfc/YYYY-MM-DD-summary.md file in the project repository.
  2. Add RFC blocks:
  • The name of the change and Story ID.
  • The change description.
  • Why the change is needed.
  • How the change will benefit.
  • How this will affect business.
  1. Create a Merge Request and add Assignees. You can additionally ask them through Slack to speed things up.
  2. RFC is considered approved in cases:
  • If the RFC is approved by Assignees.
  • The MR has no unresolved discussions and more than 24 hours passed by.

# For reviewers

  • Respond to new RFCs as quickly as possible. Remember that a review process blocks development.
  • Use comments in Gitlab to start a discussion.
  • If the discussion is over click Resolve Discussion.
Last Updated: 10/22/2021, 12:25:34 PM