# Meetings

Meetings are a great tool to share some knowledge to a large group and get feedback fast, but keep in mind that meetings are consuming a lot of work time.

# Our meetings

We use Google Meet by default.

# Team and cross-team meetings

  • When: Every Monday. See Corporate Calendar.
  • Why: We use that meeting to synchronize our progress.


  • CS Team Meeting
  • Dev Meeting
  • Design Meeting

# Demos and meetup

  • When: on demand.
  • Why: To share new features and get feedback from other teams.
  • Who: At least one member of each team.
  • What: Anyone can demonstrate something that other teams would be interested in, i.e. new features.

# All-hands meeting


  • 10 minutes we waiting for everyone. No-record time.
  • 5 minutes for the news.
  • 10 minutes for Marketing and Sales.
  • 10 minutes for Customer Success.
  • 10 minutes for Q&A.

# 1-on-1s meetings (ne-on-ones)

  • Why: We use 1-on-1s to make sure if everyone is ok and to exchange the feedback.
  • Who: HR, CEO, or a team leader shedules a call with another person.

# Gudelines for meetings

# Host checklist

  • Prepare and publish agenda in advance.
  • Schedule the meeting in google calendar:
    • Use company calendar for company-wide events.
    • Use your work calendar for meetings in small groups. Add participants aas guests.
  • Try to publish a brief and materials in Slack in advance.
  • Record the meeting or write down a summary.
  • Upload recording to Google Drive or publish the summary in #annoucements channel.

# Participant checklist

  • Switch on the camera. If you can't for some reason, tell about that.
  • Mute the microphone when you don't speak.
  • Don't interrupt.
  • Follow the agenda. If you have another topic to talk, be sure it's short or add it to the agenda of the next meeting.

# How to schedule a meeting

  • Open meet.google.com (opens new window).
  • Press New meetingSchedule in Google Calendar.
  • Add an event and add persons or groups who must participate in. Use you personal calendar to store the event instead of Apliteni.
  • (Optional) If it is a public event duplicate it to an #announcements channel.