# Work cycles

# Planning cycle objectives

  1. In 3 weeks before the next cycle begins, we review the Proposal list (opens new window).
  2. We select the most important proposals and create a Cycle Plan (opens new window).
  3. We create and improve RFCs for the selected proposals.
  4. The teams evaluate the RFCs and set SP for each proposal.
  5. We calculate team capacity and remove proposals that are not possible to implement in the next cycle.
  6. Team leaders assign at least two persons to each proposal.
  7. Assigned persons prepare the lists with tasks to achieve each proposal.

# After planning checklist

  1. Create a new Goal (opens new window)
  2. Attach each list of tasks as Targets.

# During the cycle

  • Teams work in weekly sprint cycles with their Backlogs.
  • Team leaders are responsible for planning the sprints.

# Cycle ending

We leave at least 1 week for testing, bug fixing, and polishing.

# Cool-down week

We have a week to work on our technical debt, improve documentation, and do other small tasks.

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