# Sprints

All the development teams has their own 5-days sprint as an objective for the week.

# How we work with sprints

Every Monday the teams have the team meetings.

  1. Review the Previous Sprint:
    • Check the tasks in In progress state. What is still needed to complete them?
    • Are there tasks in To Do state? Why? How improve sprint poit calculation next time?
    • Move spillover tasks (opens new window).
    • Mark that sprint as Done
  2. Review the Current Sprint.
    • Review all the new tasks and set them Sprint Points.
    • Is it realistically to complete? Move the tasks with minor priority to the Next Sprint.
    • All the tasks have all the needed information?
  3. Take taks to the Sprint until you've reached team' SP limit:
    • Take tasks related to Goal targets.
    • Take tasks from the Backlog list (use Move instead of Add to another list).

# Sprint points

Sprint points helps us understand how big each sprint is.

  • Each team decide how much is 1 point is.
  • The team discuss and calculate sprint points for each task.