# ClickUp

# Why

We use ClickUp to store the following:

  • Current company Goal.
  • Team tasks. Tasks are stored in:
    • Sprint lists. There's an active sprint and a next sprint.
    • Backlog list for tasks the team can do next.
    • “Someday” list for tasks with the lowest priority.
  • The Internal Wiki (opens new window).

# Goals

See Goals page.

# Tasks

Tasks are grouped by Sprints. We usually don't create new tasks to active sprint.

# Checklists

Prefer use checklists instead of sub-tasks.

# Sub-tasks

We use sub-tasks when:

  • You delegate that task to a person from another team.
  • You need to create a new branch in GIT repo.
  • You want to extract that task to the next sprint.

# Closed state

When you can close the task when there's nothing more you must do for that task. Examples:

  • You delivered the feature or the bug-fix.
  • You received the positive feedback from the customer for the issue.

# Backlog list

We store in that list tasks for the next sprints.

# Someday list

We store in that list the nice-to-make things.