# ClickUp

# Why

We use ClickUp for the following:

# Goals

See Goals page.

# Tasks

When tasks require some changes in the repository, we create GIT branch with a task ID. For example, TR-2822.

# Sub-tasks and checklists

  • Try to avoid sub-tasks and decompose project to small deliverable slices.
  • While working on a task, use the checklists.
  • Use sub-tasks only if you can't decompose a task to smaller ones.

# When to close task

  • (Feature) You delivered the feature to the customer.
  • (Bug) You fixed the bug and helped the customer.
  • (Support task) You took all the required actions and informed the customer.
  • (Other) The task is done and no more actions are necessary.

# Someday list

Collect all the tasks that are not critical or not submitted to the sprint to that list.


  • Upgrade some library to a new version.
  • Perform a refactoring.

# Bugs list

Collect all the bug reports here. Critical bugs must be moved to the current sprint immediately.