# Gitlab

# Tips

# Creating a new project in Gitlab

  1. Choose appropriate location:
  • For infrastructure projects use /apliteni/infra group, in other cases use /apliteni/project_group/name.
  1. The project name choice:
  • Use domain name as project name or name written in kebab case, i.e. some-awesome-service.

# Checklist

  • Go to Settings > Visibility, project features, permissions. Disable features that are not necessary for the project.
  • Go to Settings > CI / CD. Configure docker image cleanup policy in a Cleanup policy for tags.
  • Project must contain a README.md with information how to up and deploy the project.
  • Create .gitlab-ci.yml with quality_checks stage.
  • Use internal Package Registry and Container Registry. Use Access Tokens with only permission read_registry.


# How to find public keys?

A public key for any user is requested at addresses of the following format:


# Pipelines

Check Pipelines page.

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