# Our routines

# Each Monday: Bug Day

  • Where: #workspace.

  • When: Every Monday.

  • Why: We're having the Bug Day for all teams on Monday. This process helps to continuously and regularly improve the quality of our products.

  • Who: Dev-team, Infra-team.

  • Every Monday there's Bug Day Digest in a #workspace channel.

  • Take a bug and post a message in a thread.

  • If you complete the task and feel enough energy to take more, take the next one! Good luck!

# Daily: Request for support

  • Where: #workspace.
  • When: Every morning.
  • What: SUPPORT project tasks are considered the most important, and we strive to complete them ASAP.

# Daily: What did you work on today?

  • Where: #workspace.
  • When: Every evening.
  • Who: Everyone.

After the work day we answer a question "What did you work on today?". That helps us to reflect on what we spend time on.

One optional question "What (if anything) is blocking your progress?".

Last Updated: 10/28/2021, 8:19:03 AM